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Canson® celebra 150 años en la fotografía

31 Marzo 2015

Fotografía, una historia que convierte a Canson® en el último fabricante de papel fotográfico pionero que sigue en activo hoy en día.

Ninguna otra marca de aquella época sigue en el mercado hoy en día, a excepción de Canson®, que celebra 150 años de su patente fotográfica. Un aniversario que se conmemorará con diferentes eventos a lo largo del año.

International Patent 1865In 1865, Canson® submitted and was granted an international patent for the improvement of albumen paper, one of the first photographic processing papers of the time.
This patent improved final quality while avoiding the costly gold toning that was generally practised during the original process.
In 1892, Canson® received the "diplôme d'honneur", the highest award granted at the International Photography Exhibition.
Canson® maintains its spirit of innovation and combines centuries of experience in paper manufacturing with modern technologies.
Canson® favours the use of the purest, natural minerals and materials, without optical brighteners, in order to offer you print mediums that are resistant to ageing.

The papers and canvases in the Canson® Infinity range for photography and the edition for digital art produce outstanding and durable printing results, including optimal colour rendering with a wide colour range, strong DMax and excellent image sharpness.

Canson Infinity papers